Can you smell it in the air? Autumn and autopsies.

Which came first – the hangman or the noose?

Hair: Gritty Kitty (same as last post)

Shirt: Aitui Trash Tank Top

Jeans: Primitive Design Denim Duke

Accessories: Tonic Black Neck Bandana, Socom NK23 v. 1.2

Everything else: Same as previous post

I’m tempted to do a poll on how often other guys change their clothes. I’ve seen for myself with my own eyes how frequently a woman is apt to changing her clothes. If I had a nickel for everytime, I could change my last name from Vendetta to Rockefeller or Getty. Personally, when I find something that I like, I tend to stick with it. If it ain’t broke, why bother changing it? Werd. The Pet Spider necklace from Gritty Kitty, hair from Gritty Kitty, kicks from iCandy, belt and piercings from Moller. I don’t rush out when a new skin comes out. I don’t drop what I’m doing to try out new hair, though I do have one or two others in my inventory that I have worn once in awhile. I’m not against change, but it is nice to be able to recognize my avatar wherever I go and not confuse it with someone else’s.

Okay. Onto something new. Who’s got HBO in the hizzouse? If you do, then chances are you’ve heard about True Blood, the new series on HBO. I can’t remember who else is in it, other than Anna Paquin in the lead role as Suki (sp?), the mortal waitress in a bar, who can hear everyone’s thoughts. In the premiere episode, you’re introduced to Suki, her brother Jason, her friends at the bar she works at and the new vampire in town, Bill. The story is that vampires have become legal, card-carrying citizens, the Japanese came up with synthetic blood for fangs to drink to give them a better option from feeding on humans. The show’s set in a small, podunk town in the swamps of Louisiana. Having spent quite a bit of time in Louisiana, I have to say that the accents are pretty dead-on, so to speak.

The fangs live with humans and have become quite the little taboo. Fucking a vampire is the equivelant of having a threesome, practicing bondage or whatever fetish or kink you have right now and I’m sure a few of you have a kink or two. Wink wink. I’m not going to give away much of the plot, because True Blood is something that you need to see for yourself. It’s on HBO on Sunday nights at 9pm. Unfortunately, it’s on at the same time as Cold Case on CBS, which puts me in quite the predicament when those are the only two shows that I actually watch religiously. Tune in, turn on and drop the fuck out.

In other related cool as shit news: AC fuckin’ DC is going back out on tour! It doesn’t get much cooler than that, I tell you!


Numero dos. First impressions.

Can a man truly be judged by his clothes? There’s only one way to find out…


Hair: Gritty Kitty – Ghost (liquorice)

Shape: Custom shape from Babyhoney Bailey aka Georgiabeanlately

Skin: one of the older MM Skins jobs

Eyes: Punk Store Moller – Eyes set 001_007

Lip piercing: Punk Store Moller

Belt: Punk Store Moller

Ear gear: TSS Lethal set

Ink: CB Dragon’s Fury

Sneaks: iCandy Hi-Hi Mens Converse Boots

Choker: Gritty Kitty Pet Spider Necklace

Jeans: Aitui – Sliced Twice Jeans/ Dark Wash

Shirt: Aitui – Threat to Your Throne tee

Gloves: part of Drifter Black, Gunslinger set from Sinjun Soyer

Extras: .D.o.D. clove cigarette, .:DD:. Nightwalker Katana

And what does that say about me? Chime in with your two cents, if you have two cents or even a nickel, if you’re feeling especially typeative. Personally, I don’t think what you wear says shit about you, other than you have L to spare and probably didn’t share it with me.

People are so damn obsessed with conforming and shopping at the “right” stores that so-and-so from such-and-such modeling agency or It Designer of the Week. I’ve watched people go from being unique and having fun to dundundun stressing out over what to wear and spending way too much money on it. It should be about self-expression, shouldn’t it? What’s the point in everyone shopping at the same stores, buying the same gear and doing all of the same tired, regurgitated shit all over again? Pretty soon, a good size portion of SL’s fashion community will all be the same. Same hairs, same clothes, same shoes, same skins, same shapes. It’ll be Stepford SL.

When I first started, all the dudes want to look like body-builders and it was amusing. They had the same [ND] skins, the same hair and variations of the same ink. Now, the trend has changed to all the guys wanting to look like pretty boys. Sorry, but that’s boring as fuck. Seriously, is the world full of pretty people? No, it’s not and in my experience, the dudes who do look like they walked off the cover of GQ magazine or from the runway of Fashion Week have wound up being complete pricks. So, in a way, are they aspiring to be complete pricks or just look like one? Blonde hair from the same hair designer, the same style of clothing that comes fit with obligatory hoodie with t-shirt underneath, a pair of sunglasses are required, even when the SL sun isn’t shining and of course, your skin has to have either a 5 o’clock shadow or something close to that. Where’s the individuality? Where’s the creativity? Who wants to look like a bunch of dudes with out-of-control egos and attitude problems? I say, out with the ordinary and in with the extraordinary.

I will not pay attention to trends. I will not dress to impress. I will not base what I wear on SL according to the most popular designers or who gets to hang out at Best of SL parties or Seven. Speaking of Seven, who in the hell wants to really PAY to go to a club on SL? It’s the same people that go to 5th Element pretty much or you can find at any of the fashion shows. Same DJs that are everywhere else. Same kind of music from every other club on SL. So, why PAY just to have the “privilege” of going to a club on SL? Sorry, but the logic in that escapes me. I have yet to attend a fashion show or after party that was so interesting or exciting that I absolutely had to fork over some of my hard-earned real money to hang out.

In the posts to follow this, my cherry popper, I’ll delve into the wonderfully wicked world of music, SL gear for guys that somewhat resembles fashion, movies and pretty much anything else that comes to mind. Yes, I am an alt, but so fucking what? It’s quieter in Hell than it is in zee Light.

Shameless self-promotion: Check out Rumour @ Crush Row. We have DJ Damon Dollinger on Saturdays, DJ Me (that’s me and not a catchy name) on undetermined nights, which will most likely be Fridays and Sundays, DJ Bongo Oldbull and a whole slew of other hot rockers with cool musak. We’ll even have live bands. There are also a bunch of stores to shop in, such as AOHARU, Fishy Strawberry, BOOM, League, 7th Street and others that I can’t remember right now. Bho also has a stellar art exhibit up right now in the gallery of clever photos based on tarot cards. Search in-world in groups for Crush Row and it’s FREE to join. We’ll also have some big shindig for Halloween and some FREE swag thrown around the sim. There is also a photo contest going on. Shoot photos of re-enacted scenes from horror movies and win FREE cash and other shit. Message Babyhoney Bailey or Twisted Vendetta for more info.

The end.

Numero uno. The revolution starts now.

Within the shadows lie perfect synchronicity. The timing is perfect. The writing’s on the walls and it screams out in an alto tone, “Revolution! Revolution!” The drums are beating in a fury in the distance. Can you hear them? Can you hear them past your own thoughts whirling and churling in your brain box? Me, me, me! You, you, you! Art is love and love is art, but when all the jugulars of all the creative are punctured with unforgiving teeth, who will stand ready to pool the red love up in their hands and save the last drop?

My mind, my words, my rules, no rules, my time. I will not bow down to the status quo and tiptoe through a field of daisies with pretty, pretty words for pretty, pretty toys. I will not cater to egos that beg for stroking, fondling and spooning, like a thirsty whore with a jones for the dark side. The truth is mine and it’s vicious and it’s unforgiving. Can you dance with the devil and continue to lead?