While on the road.

Here’s a useful piece of knowledge: when hitchhiking or backpacking out of your comfort zone, a cough and carefully placed itch could save your life.

Model: Bongo Oldbull

Shirts: *BOOM* by Aranel Ah

Pants: Gritty Kitty – Chuttes Black

Cuffs: Georgiabean Lately – Depp Cuff Sortof

Facial thingamahjig: *BOOM* All Star

Shape: Custom job from Babyhoney Bailey with Georgiabean Lately

Choker: Custom St. Christopher’s Medal – Babyhoney Bailey with Georgiabean Lately

Skin: <TheAbyss> Scorpio_Origin 4[A] Smooth

Hair: Gritty Kitty – Deadline (brown)

Eyes: Infinity Designs Ltd. – Eternal Essence – Bliss Eyes

Misc.: MC Wallet Chain, <-Puncture-> Sedated Ear Piercing set, ~A&G~ Twisted Fate ink


There were 15 or so shirts to choose from, so I had a hell of a time deciding which ones to shoot. I managed to get the 4 in that fit my personality the best: (left to right) To Write Love On Her Arms, Cool Ain’t Perfect Perfect Ain’t Cool, Me So Horny, and Hope. Really, all of them fit me pretty well and there’s at least two shirts, I’m betting that would suit just about anyone. That’s the beauty of them. There is something for everyone.

Storytime: It was March 20th of 2007. I remember the date, because it was two days before my then girlfriend/SL wife’s rez day and I was scouring every corner of SL to find the perfect gifts for her. I found *BOOM* by accident when tp jumping from store to store (specifically ones that I knew she didn’t shop at, so I wouldn’t risk her having whatever I got already) in my hunt. Everything in the store was easily accessible, in the way that it didn’t look eLeet or like I needed a personal referral to rez there. I dug that. I wound up buying her a few things there, as well as the Tartan kilt/man-skirt for myself. Over a year later, here I am blogging another fine Aranel Ah creation.

I really dig the black grease stripes under the eyes. I know that they’re typically for jocks, but I see them in my own special(ed) way. They look tough and I like that. Plus, I hadn’t seen anything quite like it, since I’d found the Aitui eyedrop prim facial tattoos that I still wear regularly. They’re dirty and look messy and some girl’s mother or father would probably try to wash mah face and that’s appealing. What I’m getting at is, to me, they’re unique and that getsĀ a gold star everytime.

On an entertainment note, I am friggin’ addicted to Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series. I started reading them with a friend and didn’t really expect to like them, but I do. I got her the first one and when she finished it, I got her the second and started reading the first. She finished the second and was onto the third, then I finished the first and was onto the second. Now, she’s on the fourth and I’m onto the third. Have you ever felt genuine remorse after finishing a book, simply because it’s over and you can’t keep it going. It’s not usually the type of book that I would get into (i.e. no nudity, no sex so far, no mass murders, no huge plot twists or no obscure references to VU songs), but to my own surprise, I think I’m going to be upset when it’s my turn to finish the fourth book.