What goes around, comes around.

Once again, let’s take a look at two pieces from AOHARU’s mens’ line.

Hair: Gritty Kitty- Ghost – Licorice

Shirt: AOHARU – Spring Shirt – White

Gloves: Sinjun Soyer

Ink: CB Dragon’s Fury full

Piercings: TSS

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, it’s damn hard to find mens’ clothing that actually fits. Maybe it’s just me. The sleeves are often too small or the jeans cuffs too small and the result is me swearing at the screen for a full hour, while I try to make them fit. I’ve never had that problem with anything Machang has made with AOHARU. It looks smooth, fits perfectly and I never have to message her with questions.

Jacket: AOHARU Snake Leather Jacket

Location for both shots: Crush Row on the Doll City sim

I’m picky about jackets, particularly leather jackets. The wrong ones look like throwbacks from a cheap bikerploitation flick and the right ones look just like this. It’s fit for a road trip, a party, a club event or just about anything that you can imagine. I appreciate the detail Machang puts into her textures. The snake skin is subtle and not cheesy, where it looks like she peeled a snake and took a photo of it. I’m allowed to be a little morbid. Halloween’s coming up. I give both the shirt and the jacket two thumbs up. If The Fonz went to Fashion Week, he’d wear this jacket and be the coolest mofo there.


Check out more AOHARU gear for ladies and gents in her shop on Crush Row.