Development from previous post about Frolic Mills’ trademark infringement with Miss [SL] Universe.

I didn’t realize that writing a blog post about a current event in Second Life would get me any negative attention. Nor, did I realize that Freedom of Speech is a punishable right.

As mentioned in my previous post, Linden Labs is cracking down on the use of Miss Universe and Miss SL Universe throughout Second Life, due to the fact that evidently, Donald Trump isn’t too happy about his trademark being infringed upon by Frolic Mills of Best of SL Boulevard and the pageant. As a described also in the last blog post, according to law, Frolic Mills has violated the law by committing trademark infringement and potentially trademark dilution when attempting to take the trademarked Miss [SL] Universe as his own. Why else would Linden Labs be taking action, if he weren’t in violation? Answer: They wouldn’t.

I have been a member of the Best of SL Magazine Readers group for a time now, basically using it to gauge trends and see what is being sold where and get a feel for what people are interested in. I rarely spoke in the group, aside of asking which stores for ladies have gift cards/certificates and recommending a pair of sneakers once, I think. I posted in my blog about it yesterday and today, guess what happened? I was ejected without explanation from the group, which is run by Frolic Mills. I messaged him, inquiring as to why I was ejected from the group without provocation. No reply. I asked two more times. No reply. In the post that I wrote, if you have read it, I was both impartial and viewing it from a journalistic point-of-view. At no point did I incite a riot or a lynch mob out for Frolic Mills’ blood. No, I was as objective as one person could possibly be when one individual’s actions could possibly affect the Second Life experiences of every single user on the grid. Yet, without a word, I was ejected from the group and refused a reason.

When not towing the party line or speaking one’s mind as a writer/journalist (with AP affiliations, I might add), is it the norm to be frozen out or greeted with ignorance? If I had been biased in the posting in Frolic’s favor, would I have not been ejected from the group? Gee, perhaps I would have even received my very own ticker tape parade down Best of SL Boulevard. I find it amusing that so many people claim to want to be individuals, make good use of their own Freedom of Speech and pass judgment on others for their actions, but when an outside party speaks their mind with tact and objectivity (note: in the previous post, I even stated that I was unsure if he was guilty of trademark dilution), they are ejected from a group that claims:

THE BEST OF SL Magazine is a monthly publication which celebrates and honors those who have excelled in ANY field in Second Life.

Want to find out about the best of anything? Join this group; these people know it all, so feel free to ask away!

Btw, this is a chat group, and boy do we ever chat ! So if you don’t like to communicate this is not the group for you.

Best regards,

Frolic Mills – Chief Editor

Is there fine print left out that explains that all of the above is fine and good, as long as you agree emphatically with everything that Frolic Mills says and does? If so, I missed that part and I think quite a few other people did, too. I wrote an impartial piece that focused more on the rammifications of the situation of Frolic Mills’ committing trademark infringement and casting a negative light on Second Life as a whole, but apparently, I struck a nerve. Personal word of advice to Frolic Mills: If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.