2-4 shops now open on Crush Row for rent!


There are two now vacant shops open for rent and within the next day or two, there will be two brand new shops for rent in the cul-de-sac. Rent is 800L per week for 200 prim. We have great traffic, have fantastic hunts for most major holidays and do extra promotions for our shops when you have a sale on Crush Row. Excellent builds, too.

You’d be joining the mainstore for the oBscene, House of Nyla, Aitui, Crash Coutoure, Sn@tch, *BOOM*, Calypso Giano, Axel, CnS poses, and a long list of other amazing designers. Shoot me a message in-world at Twisted Vendetta or catch me on Plurk and we’ll make this happen.



Happy Zombie Day, folks!

Happy Zombie Day!

Happy Zombie Day!


And a little taste of the future. When East meets West. When good meets bad. When light meets dark. Always shaken and twisted. Straight from Valiant, naturally, my favorite clothes making peoples.

Clothes: Valiant // Hair: B&G // Skin: Belleza // Jeans: Muism

Sweater Vest: Valiant

Jeans: Muism

Skin: new Belleza

Hair: B&G

Attitude: Twisted

By the way, have you checked out the Crush Row Cracked Egg Hunt? No, then get your asses down there before it’s too late! It ends on the 16th.

Correction: my hair came from +BM+. My bad! Sorry!

Best thing since sliced bread. The Underoos Edition!

There are very few things about my childhood that brought me more joy than my Underoos. I had Spiderman, Superman and pretty much every superhero you can think of. You see, I was convinced that everytime I went swimming, which was pretty often, I became Aqua Man. So, when I discovered these on SL, it really turned my frown upside down. Here are two of the several amazing styles of Underoos that Adz Childs has to offer in their store.

Transformers: More than meets the eye! Obviously!

Spongebob! He doesn’t just live under the sea anymore!

Be sure to stop by Crush Row and check out the Crush Row Cracked Easter Hunt going on. We’re proud to boast some of the most amazing designers on SL, so when we have a hunt, you better believe it’s gonna be good. It runs tonight through April 16th. That’s a week of cracked, ooey gooey goodness!

Also, check out these new threads down below straight from my favorite store, Valiant.

The Knob Suit without shirt worn from Valiant

The Knob Suit without shirt worn from Valiant


The Military suit from Valiant

The Military suit from Valiant