Happy Zombie Day, folks!

Happy Zombie Day!

Happy Zombie Day!


And a little taste of the future. When East meets West. When good meets bad. When light meets dark. Always shaken and twisted. Straight from Valiant, naturally, my favorite clothes making peoples.

Clothes: Valiant // Hair: B&G // Skin: Belleza // Jeans: Muism

Sweater Vest: Valiant

Jeans: Muism

Skin: new Belleza

Hair: B&G

Attitude: Twisted

By the way, have you checked out the Crush Row Cracked Egg Hunt? No, then get your asses down there before it’s too late! It ends on the 16th.

Correction: my hair came from +BM+. My bad! Sorry!



  1. Do you have a URL for the B&G that sells that hair? I can’t find it in the B&G I found in world. Thanks!

  2. As soon as I’m in-world again, I’ll get right on it. Thanks a lot.

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