It’s the time of the season…

Coming right at you from a top sekrit location, something new that you can’t even buy yet, something old and something given.

Top to bottom:

Hair: *ARGRACE* Beanie – Medium Short – Dark Brown

Shirt: Emery Jordan V red tee

Jacket: AOHARU Shiny Down Jacket Black (Thank you, Tokyo Princess, for the amazing New Years gift!)

Jeans: FNKY! Filthy Fives – Faded Black

Skin: Belleza

Sunglasses: Georgiabean Lately: Aviator // Classic (not yet released and will not be available until Valentines Day!)

On an unrelated but still very exciting note: Rumour is proud to announce that the bad ass Toe’d Up (live rock band hailing from Scotland) pulled off a hell of a hot set this past Sunday to celebrate the New Year and can be expected for regular monthly gigs. Love rock music? Have a great sense-of-humor? Then you’ll love Toe’d Up!

We at Doll City and Crush Row are in the process of purchasing a second sim. We are selective about the shops and room is limited, but if you are interested in joining the ranks of House of Nyla, AOHARU, *BOOM*, Sn@tch, Whimsy, Crash Couture, Truth, Aitui, Faux Posh, Calypso Giano and many others, please drop a notecard with photo examples of your designs to either Twisted Vendetta, Babyhoney Bailey or Carissa Crimson to be considered for one of the new shops on the second sim. Demand is high and we’ve already booked a majority of them, but are now opening it to the entire grid for consideration.


Something not new.

Relax is one of those stores that don’t sell shirts for guys with sculptie collars or sleeves, seem to photosource their textures, and I don’t really care, because the shirt looks good enough and is cheap enough not to worry over. They’re not going to win any awards for Best Shading By a Designer or Created Their Own Sculptie Collar, but for 100L, you can’t go wrong and the board shorts are pretty sweet, too.

Shirt: Relax – Plaid Shirt (Blue)

Jeans: FNKY! – Filthy Fives – Faded Black (extra ripped)

On a lighter and definitely more humorous note: my cyberstalker, “Anabella” recently contacted Frolic Mills for “dirt” (who wants nothing to do with the situation) on Babyhoney and has threatened to create an Anti-Twist and Babyhoney blog, if I don’t take down the two posts pertaining to the copyright infringement situation. Well, I’m not going to on the grounds that it’s MY blog and I can do with it as I see fit and will not be bullied or threatened by anyone into doing otherwise. So, if you would like to post any dirt on Babyhoney or I, feel free to do so in comments here. Just so you know, though, I do bathe at least once a day, do brush my teeth at least twice a day, brush my hair when it needs it, drive very fast, and I also eat a lot of fast food, so you can’t use any of that against me. Hey, I’m trying to turn an annoying situation into one worth laughing at. I don’t take myself very seriously and don’t expect anyone else to either. We’re both here just trying to have a good time and maybe make some green along the way, if we can. If someone wants to borrow my stalker,  feel free to drop me a message and make me an offer on her.

Have a good day, kids.