Time for something new.

If you can’t read the print on the photo:

Shape: Metal Angel – Chris Shape

Skin: Belleza – Ewan

Hair: Uncleweb – Hibiki

Wrist cuffs: Georgiabean Lately – Love/Hate

Drawas: Aitui

On an unrelated note, I’m pleased to announce the opening of my landcaping store, The Vendetta Garden. It’s a constant work-in-progress. There are palm trees, oaks, beech, lime, jacarda, Japanese maples, Christmas trees in two sizes, a variety of plants and flowers, planter boxes and whatever else pops in my head at 3am to make.


I recently collaborated with Babyhoney to make a set of 5 Flexi Bouginvillea plant/flowers. They come in rose, coral, purple, orange and pink and are flexi. They came out stellar. Check out the coordinates down below for a 1L mini pink Xmas tree.


The Vendetta Garden at Crush Row, Doll City (249,215,22)

The Gobble Gobble Giveaway turkey hunt on the sim was a rousing success by any standard. They came, they saw, they got some pretty damn cool designer goods for either free or 1L. Kuja of the oBscene was giving away 3 skins and a shape, Nyla, being the grande dame that she is, had a killer mask out for the ladies, Aitui stuck out some cool shirt, Truth (ballslap!) put out a couple different shirts, Leeza of Role Optic gave some free sunglasses away, and the list goes on. Also, Truth recently made some brand new hairs and named them after Babyhoney. Footnote: no sex or anything remotely scandalous involved. Just a friend providing inspiration and getting hairs named after her. I also asked showed him a photo of perfect James Dean hair and hopefully, homeslice will find the time to make those, too.

We have 2 brand spanking new DJs at Rumour now. DJ Sinistra Looming on Thursday nights 8-10pm sl time and DJ Nebulae Sands on Sunday nights 8-10pm sl time. Of course, there’s still DJ Zara (Bing) Ming on Wednesdays, me on Fridays and Babyhoney on Saturdays. All 8-10 pm sl time.

Rumour, Doll City (30, 220, 22)

The next sidewalk sale/hunt will be for Christmas/New Years and more details will be disclosed as soon as we actually figure them out. I cooked a fat ass turkey and it puts me to sleep everytime I munch on it, but I promise to fill everyone in as soon as we come up with a date for it.


Take a walk on the socially acceptable side.

What I found most interesting about this particular combo is that it’s a please-all ensemble, where you blend the forces of good and evil into a single outfit. The edginess that I tend to veer towards and yet, still possessing a clean cut side, too. I give it two thumbs up.

Jacket: AOHARU – Riders Jacket (Black)

Jeans: Calypso Giano – Stonewash Classic B

Hair: Truth – James (Brownie)

Necklace: Gritty Kitty Pet Spider necklace

Location: Plush Pod

It’s worth noting that as co-owner of the Doll City sim, which features the elite shopping district, Crush Row and club, Rumour, I have been slacking on my pimpage. So, here it goes.

We are happy to announce the arrival of several top notch designers to the sim, including ENVY ME, Calypso Giano (damn good jeans!), Aitui (damn good shirts and drawas!), Faux Posh, Crash Couture, Toxica (ladies, check the shoes out), Truth (Truth Hawks is a cool guy and great designer), and in addition, I’m throwing my hat into the Watch Me Build Stuff arena. Dundundun. I am now the proud creator of The Vendetta Garden on the other side of the sim. If you want a slick looking sim, you need good landscaping that’s low in prim. I make quality (and very low prim) trees, plants, flowers, Christmas trees, lights, wreaths and whatever else I make at 4am when insomnia kicks in.

Ladies, you also need to check out the collaboration between Georgiabean Laterly & *BOOM*. You can pick up your Muffums (ear muffs) and scarf set at either store on Crush Row.

Did I leave anything out?

My vacation to the dark side. Part uno.

It’s no secret that women are very influential creatures. They have the ability to make the sun shine, turn a bad day into a pretty damn good day and even more. I’m only human. I blame one woman in particular for this, my trip to the dark side. Whether it’s temporary or permanent, only time will tell.

Skin: Not telling yet, because I haven’t seen it everywhere and everyone is still wearing the same Abyss skins.

Hair: >TRUTH< – James – Java

Eyes: Armidi Body (True Enhance) – Chronic Blue

Jeans: Emery – Destroyer black denim pants

Shirt: Emery Block Party white t-shirt

Jacket: Emery – Stud[y]ing Politics Cardigan + Shirt

Shoes: {Kari} – Kicks – Set on the “Stephanie” texture in the pack

Piercings: same as always

Skin: still not telling.

Hair: >Truth< Idealist -Java

Jacket: *BOOM* Licensed to Ill hoodie – Homme

Jacket: Emery Jordan V red tee

Okay, one small thing about all three of those shots are the shoes. I used the same texture in all three, but the pack comes with 20 different shoes, esssentially, for only 350L. You can’t really beat that. 20 different styles and colors of sneakers for only 350L. Good stuff.

Special note worth paying attention to:

On October 30th 6-10pm sl time, we at Crush Row will be holding a massive Black and White Ball to celebrate Halloween. I’ll be djing 6-8pm sl time and DJ Damon Dollinger will spin the 8-10pm portion of the event. We will be giving away some pretty amazing items (some are one-of-a-kind) from Crush Row designers, such as Sn@tch, House of Nyla, 7th Street, *BOOM*, Allure and many others. Trick or treat for additional free clothing and some pretty fantastic designer items. Free swag, free prizes and a hell of a good time with great music. You can’t afford to be anywhere else.